Community Development

PaL builds social and human capital by fostering leadership amongst PaL personnel and by building morale, strengthening families and enhancing relationships within communities.

Since 2001, PaL has provided paid employment and training for more than 80 women to deliver the program to families in communities.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Enhancing community morale and strengthening families
  • Reinforcing positive interaction between parents and children
  • Building higher expectations of what parents and their children can achieve
  • Promoting a literacy rich environment within the community

 “What it certainly does is builds people’s self-confidence. People begin to get self‐belief; I can get a job, and I can do this”.

Another key strength of PaL is that its foundation is built on local community ownership and involvement. The Napranum community and other PaL communities feel very proud of PaL:

“We feel really proud. It’s a program that was born out of this tiny little community and everybody wants it. It’s very popular and people want it. It makes us feel good within ourselves because it’s something that we developed.”  PaL Director

 “I felt that proud when PaL won the DEADLY”  Echuca PaL parent


    "For the kids its giving them something extra to look forward to and something they look at as their own.....they feel as if they're a big child, y'know, a big kid themselves.... I got my homework too."
    PaL Tutor

    "He never used to sit and read books like this before.....he learns to read and sit,now he wants to write his name."
    PaL Parent

    "I like them because they are very good and I learn about stuffs. I read books for my little sister and make her go to sleep."
    PaL Child Participant

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