Location:  Borrowdale Close, Bentleigh Park
Traditional Country: Yidinji
Began PaL:  2012


Napranum PaL implemented a Train the Trainer delivery model in 2012 to the Cairns Early Years Centre.

The program is delivered to families with diverse backgrounds and needs by all staff of this integrated early childhood service. PaL programs (ReadnPlay and BookStart) are also being delivered to the Gordonvale Early Years Centre through CEYC. The response to the program has been very positive in the South Cairns region with approximately 60 families participating each year.

Boopa Werem Kindergarten

Boopa Werem Kindergarten began delivering the PaL BookStart program to children and families in 2016 and have an ever increasing number of participants each year. The feedback received from families has been overwhelmingly positive and the children take great pride in having ownership and responsibility.

Kuranda Kindergarten 

Kuranda Kindergarten began deliveries of the PaL BookStart program late in 2016 and have settled into a regular routine of delivery to a small group of families.


    "For the kids its giving them something extra to look forward to and something they look at as their own.....they feel as if they're a big child, y'know, a big kid themselves.... I got my homework too."
    PaL Tutor

    "He never used to sit and read books like this before.....he learns to read and sit,now he wants to write his name."
    PaL Parent

    "I like them because they are very good and I learn about stuffs. I read books for my little sister and make her go to sleep."
    PaL Child Participant

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