Location: West Coast – Cape York Peninsula
Traditional Country:  Algnith
Began PaL:  2001


Napranum is home to the Parents and Learning Program and is the model on which all other PaL programs are based.

All three PaL programs, ReadnPlay, BookStart Level 1 and Level 2 are delivered in Napranum in close collaboration with the Napranum Early Childhood Centre. All families enrolled at the centre also participate in a PaL program at home. The PaL Coordinator works closely with the NECC staff to support delivery.

Napranum PaL staff also play a key role in the implementation of PaL programs in other Cape York communities. They provide the resources and training for new tutors, present information sessions for families and community members and provide ongoing mentoring and support throughout the implementation and delivery period.


    "For the kids its giving them something extra to look forward to and something they look at as their own.....they feel as if they're a big child, y'know, a big kid themselves.... I got my homework too."
    PaL Tutor

    "He never used to sit and read books like this before.....he learns to read and sit,now he wants to write his name."
    PaL Parent

    "I like them because they are very good and I learn about stuffs. I read books for my little sister and make her go to sleep."
    PaL Child Participant

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