Location: Kimberley Region. Broome, WA
Traditional Country: Yawuru/ Djugun
Began PaL: 2012


Broome Primary was the first school to run PaL in all of Australia.

Dedicated Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer’s (AIEO) worked together with a highly skilled school co-ordinator and with the full support of the School Principal to deliver the program in this location.



    "For the kids its giving them something extra to look forward to and something they look at as their own.....they feel as if they're a big child, y'know, a big kid themselves.... I got my homework too."
    PaL Tutor

    "He never used to sit and read books like this before.....he learns to read and sit,now he wants to write his name."
    PaL Parent

    "I like them because they are very good and I learn about stuffs. I read books for my little sister and make her go to sleep."
    PaL Child Participant

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