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23rd August 2015

Corine’s Story

Corine began working with the PaL program in Napranum in 2001.This is her story:

I began with this program when my youngest was 6 months old. I wasn’t really sure what I was getting into and when Chris (National Program Manager) showed me the role of the coordinator, I wasn’t sure that I could actually do this job. But Chris convinced me that I could and the role did appeal to me because it suited my situation, as I had a little child and he could come along too.

After a while the job just became second nature. Then things really started to take off. The PaL Group needed to grow bigger and that presented new challenges; we were starting up a not for profit business and that involved financial components as well. NPG sent me on a training course to Cairns to learn about QuickBooks. Once I did this course I was hooked, and from that point on, my role with the PaL Group evolved from that.

From this point, I did a Certificate 3 in Business. I then started to have that feeling that I wanted to do more. I felt the need for more challenges. When we wrote up our first business plan, I listed that I wanted further career opportunities. I was fortunate to gain a part time position with Rio Tinto as a Contracts Receiving Officer. It suited what I was looking for and complimented my job with the PaLGroup. More recently I took up another challenge with Rio and tried my hand at driving the big trucks. Now I juggle my Rio Tinto truck driving role with my role as Finance Officer for the PaL Group. I have been supported by the PaL board and team each step of the way. I feel my involvement with PaL has built my confidence to go the next step. It has made me realise that I can try new challenges and succeed. My next challenge is to complete my Certificate 4 in financial services.

Corine, NPG, Director


Lucy’s Story

This is Lucy’s story:

When I started with PaL I was looking for a job and I had worked at the Preschool before with children and families so I thought PaL might be good. I had watched the others putting the PaL program together and thought it looked pretty good.

I really enjoy putting the kits together as it gives you a sense of accomplishment. The delivery is pretty easy for me because I know a lot of the families and they know me. I have worked in quite a few jobs before but I reckon if you were new to finding a job, working for this program would build your confidence, it would be a good start for another job, it would make you job ready. I think being a tutor gets you motivated, because it has many parts to it, training people, compiling kits, organising, collecting data, record keeping etc.

My role has changed in that I now coordinate PaL in Napranum and Mapoon. I work with people in other communities, training tutors and compiling kits as we roll out the program in new communities across Cape York. We do a lot of driving to get the resources to the communities but it is a good feeling when you leave knowing that PaL is going to be happening in those communities. I really believe in this program and when you go to homes and work with the families you can see that PaL makes a difference.



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